Wow. Did this really just happen?

Today I didn’t have time to pack a real lunch, so I threw in a packet of dried soup and hoped there would be a pot in one of the kitchen cupboards where I’m temping that I could use. There was. It also had a sign near it that said, “please don’t use these plastic containers, they have an owner” but I thought, “well, this isn’t a plastic container and even if it belongs to someone, surely they won’t mind me using it for 10 minutes as long as I clean it and put it back.”

Low and behold, the owner of the pot, a woman I had met previously and who seemed rather nice, came into the kitchen while I was making my soup. Here is the conversation that followed:

Woman: That’s my pot.

Me: Oh, sorry…

Woman: yeah, that’s my pot.

Me: Okay, sorry, do you want me to-

Woman: I don’t like it when people use my pot and that’s my pot.

Me: Oh, sorry, I’m done I’ll just wash it up-

Woman: I don’t like people using my stuff, and that’s mine, so.

Me: Right, got it. (washing pot quickly, feeling like child who has just been scolded)

She warms up her lunch in microwave while i finish washing pot. Her pot.

Me: Do you want to use this right now or-

Woman: No, it’s just I don’t like people using-

Me: Right, I got that, I just wondered if I should leave it out or if I should put it back in the cupboard.

I put pot back in the cupboard and leave with my soup.

So maybe she’s a vegetarian? Or kosher? Those are the only reasons I could think of for someone to have such an ISSUE with someone borrowing their pot. Thoughts?