Last night I wanted brownies, so I googled the easiest recipe in the whole internet and started throwing sugar and butter into a bowl. I didn’t have cocoa powder (and neither did my corner store) so I used some semi-sweet chocolate squares I had kicking around. When the brownies had been in the oven for 5 minutes I realized I’d forgotten to add the baking powder. “Meh,” said I. “I’m sure they will turn out alright.” And you know what? They did. The lesson: brownies will never not be good. 

Speaking of simple dessert recipes, have you ever made these cookies? Don’t forget to add the peanut butter, otherwise you will just be eating lots of sugar with an egg in it. It’s funny how you can take one thing away from something fantastic and make it horrible. Reminds me of my gorgeous blonde friend Siobhan who tried on that brown wig that one time. She went from bombshell to homely white trash in two seconds. We would have been impressed, had we not been so horrified.